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Soul Lights Music

Now Featuring Soul Lights Music!
SoulLights allows you to synchronize your lights with any song in your Music Library. Make the Music come to Life with Soul Lights Music.
Music and Light -- LED Lights that Respond to Music. Synchronizing Light with Music enhances our emotional response to it.



SoulLights Directional LED Technology is Unique— Simply Providing Constant and Comforting Light Energy at Low Cost—sacrificing connectivity to the Mobile Market.
The Design Eliminates Glare by Projecting the Light from the Source and Indirectly Illuminating the Environment.
Having the Right Lighting Relaxes and Comforts Customers and with Music -- Establishes an Experience the leads to increased sales and improved Customer Satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss how LED Lighting from SoulLights can design how you imagine it.

Soul Lights Classic SoulLights

Motion Sensors

Introducing the first Motion Sensor SoulLightLED Light with a Built-in Sensor that knows when you are near!

SoulLight Motion

Soul Lights Battery

Were Developing a Battery Powered Soul Light that you can illuminate your space, On the Go!

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